Filament Colors

Our Filament Colors

Basic Colors

These are our most basic colors and are available on most products.

Deep Black

Our darkest color offer, it fits well into any color palette

Frost White

A bright white color with a slight transparency, similar to that of frost


Apple Red

A vibrant red with a tendency to stand out


Royal Blue

A rich blue evoking the lapis of royalty


Kelly Green

A medium tone green with lots of life

Premium Colors

Additional colors to round out our selection.



A deep lavender purple


Bumble Yellow

A cheerfully warm yellow


Storm Grey

A mid tone storm cloud grey

Tangerine Color Swatch


Orange, but better!

Deluxe Colors

Some of our more unique and special colors. Some are only available for a short period of time.


Marble White

Small specks of grey give this filament the look of fine stone


Aztec Gold

One of our most luxurious colors. It took a long time to find a filament worthy of the name “gold”



A darker grey metallic look filament


Midnight Metallic Blue *

Dark navy blue with silver metallic flecks (available for a limited time)


Jeweler’s Blue *

A water blue that says luxury (available for a limited time)


High Vis Yellow

A day-glow yellow specialty filament that draws attention to itself – This filament is also UV reactive


High Vis Orange

A day-glow orange specialty filament that draws attention to itself – This filament is also UV reactive


High Vis Green

A day-glow green specialty filament that draws attention to itself – This filament is also UV reactive

Engineering Filaments


Carbon Fiber Poly Carbonate **

A blend of Poly Carbonate and PLA with approximately 5% carbon fiber in the mix. This filament prints hot, and and is good for when stiffness and temperature concerns are of consideration. This CFPC prints in a very pleasing matte dark gray.

* Occasionally we will bring in filaments that just look interesting and see if we like them. When you see the asterisk above, those would be some of these filaments.

** Engineering filaments are only available by quote as they are more difficult to work with and not necessary in most situations. If you are interested in one let us know at . We are game to try a lot of things if our printers can handle it.

Note about our colors: We would love to tell you they are a perfect match, but in reality there can be quite a bit of variation. We try to use the same vendor for each color to stay consistent, but colors vary from order to order, and even within a single roll of filament. Add to that the issue with your screen being calibrated differently than ours and the cumulative effects are definitely there. That said, you get a good feeling for the filament or resin qualities from the images, and if something is WAY off, we will generally reject it. If a color match is critical to you, order your items at the same time and let us know. We will make our best efforts to accommodate.