Deluxe House Number Plaques *2 Pack*


A two pack of our deluxe plaques with all the options included. Choose up to 3 colors from our expanded Deluxe Plaque color palette.

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The best house number plaques we offer, with all the options included. Get two custom plaques with your house number and up to three colors; one for the background, the second for the frame and numbers, and a third for the Spirit Edition letter.

You also have access to our Deluxe Plaque filament color palette, including Marble White, Aztec Gold, and Titanium. You also have access to our “High Vis” neon colors, and certain limited availability colors.

Show your school spirit! Add your school letter in a third color with the included Spirit Edition option. With your school letter of choice combined with the colors of your preferred institution, there will be no question who you support.

The Deluxe price includes up to 7 numbers. Larger will need to be custom bid.

Save on matching Garbage or Recycle signs for the stock color price.

Get extra house number signs in the same color and number pattern for only $10 each when ordered together during checkout.

We do not recommend our stock adhesives be used on stone or other rough surfaces.  Please understand that the adhesives are very strong and intended to be permanent once fully cured.  Removal after any length of time may damage the surface underneath, so be careful where you place them.

We recommend you place the sign on the body of city cans, and not the lid.  Lids tend to take too much abuse.

Approximate dimensions:  61.5mm W x 120-240mm L x 6mm H (2.4in W x 4.69-9.44in L x .25in H)


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