Custom No Soliciting Sign


No Soliciting sign

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A classic sign to state your intentions. Hopefully they heed it, many will ignore it, but it gives you something to point at sternly when they have the nerve to knock regardless.

This sign comes stock in Deep Black and Frost White, also available in most of our other color combinations.

Select your adhesive of choice, dark ABS foam for painted wood and other smooth surfaces, clear adhesive for glass.

We do not recommend our stock adhesives on stone or other rough surfaces. Please understand that the adhesives are very strong and intended to be permanent once fully cured.  Removal after any length of time may damage the surface underneath, so be careful where you place them.

Approximate dimensions:  35.5mm W x 116mm L x 6mm H (1.4in W x 4.6in L x .25in H)


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