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Recycle sign (stock or custom color selections)

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We all know it is more confusing than it should be.  These plaques take the mystery out of where the recycle waste should go.  Great for large trash bins and small office cans.

Stock colors are Royal Blue or Kelly Green.  Upgrade to choose your own two color option!

We do not recommend our stock adhesives on stone or other rough surfaces.  Please understand that the adhesives are very strong and intended to be permanent once fully cured.  Removal after any length of time may damage the surface underneath, so be careful where you place them.

We recommend you place the sign on the body of city cans, and not the lid.  Lids tend to take too much abuse.

Approximate dimensions:  35.5mm W x 84.7mm L x 6mm H (1.4in W x 3.3in L x .25in H)


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